Often times when you are buying a home you hope to change, update and/or renovate a space.  And when you are moving to a new area, that task seems a bit more daunting as you are not sure where to start or who to trust.  We hope to make the process a bit easier by interviewing local architects, builders, landscapers, etc. and posting their responses to four common questions.  Enjoy!  Sig & Syl

Four Common Questions

1) How long have you been in the business and what are your credentials?

2) What inspired you to pursue your career in this industry?

3) What would you say is your specialty?

4) What would you say is the most common thing people underestimate?

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Kathy Bogle from Bogle Design Group

 1) Credentials

Kathy has been serving the residential Princeton market for over 10 years. Prior to specializing in residential projects, she worked for an international, commercial Construction Management firm. Kathy has an undergraduate degree in Architectual Engineering from Penn State University with an emphasis in Construction Management and a thesis in Design/Build. She also holds an MBA from Rider University.

2) Inspiration

Kathy loves design, working closely with people, and knowing that the end result improves the way her clients feel in their homes. She chose to combine her design and construction background to simplify the process for her clients and to ensure that space planning, product selection and construction are seamlessly executed.

3) Specialty

Kathy’s specialty is space planning. Whether a project is small or large, Kathy and her team enjoy maximizing an existing space and transforming it to be both functional and beautiful. Kathy will often redefine spaces by removing walls, adding windows, or adding built-in cabinetry to create a room that is both comfortable and connected to the outdoors.

4) Common underestimation

“People underestimate how important it is to like, relate and trust the people you are working with.” Kathy’s strives to understand your family’s needs and to put herself in her clients’ shoes not just during the design process but throughout the life of the construction project.


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