Why Princeton?

When we moved here we wondered the same thing: how can Princeton possibly compare to such diverse and dynamic places as San Francisco (Sig) and New York (Syl)? Well, it didn’t take long for us discover that the Princeton area is truly unique; whether you’re a big city cat or a country mouse, there is something for you. We have great theater, music, sports, dining, and shopping (without all the traffic, pollution, noise and craziness of the big city). For the country mouse, there are fields, forests, rivers, and houses with acreage. There are even a few vineyards. You might not see them in the Wine Spectator any time soon, but it’s nice to know someone is trying. If the big city is still calling, pulling (or yanking you to work) the next section is for you.

Location: As they say in the real estate business LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! Not only is Princeton smack in the middle of New York and Philadelphia, it’s close enough to commute or visit for the day. This leads to some tough choices: “Should I fly out of Philly or Newark? Should I watch the NY or Philly news? Cheesesteak or a slice? Should I cheer for the Devils or the Rangers”… okay, maybe we should stay away from that one! Anyhow… the good news is there are a lot of options.

University: Who wouldn’t want to live in this quintessential college town? From the Gothic architecture of the University Chapel to the beautiful and serene boat house on Lake Carnegie, the Princeton University campus is spectacular. It is the centerpiece of the town and brings together interesting people from far and wide. NEWSFLASH: As a Princeton resident you can sign up for and audit university classes. We haven’t had the time yet to take advantage of this amazing perk, but just knowing that once our kids stop needing us as much that this kind of mind opening activity is available makes us extremely happy. Another fun event is Communiversity which is held every spring. The town and the university come together and throw a big street fair to celebrate our community.
Opportunity: Not only is Princeton a great place to live, it’s a great place to work. Thanks to our key geographic location and impressive talent pool (this could be you), Princeton companies include: Bristol-Myers Squibb, Dow Jones, Black Rock, Bank of America, Johnson and Johnson, Novo Nordisk, Tyco International, ETS, Church and Dwight…to name just a few that have made this area their home.

Active Lifestyle: Set among the Sourland Mountains on the Raritan Canal and minutes away from the Delaware River, Princeton area offers activities for every season: Ice skating on Lake Carnegie, skiing an hour away, canoeing, running, biking and hiking on large reserves; yoga, pilates, gyms, YMCA,YWCA, bike and running clubs…Princeton takes its active life seriously and has something for everyone.

KIDS: Family life in Princeton is vibrant and choices abound. Instead of reinventing the wheel for this one we’ll send you right to the source: PrincetonKIDS. This comprehensive website was actually started by Syl. It will keep you informed about everything (and then some) to do with kids. Princeton is an amazing place to be a kid! NEWSFLASH: Princeton professors have kids too, and often can’t resist popping into teach a thing or two. Just this year at my kids’ school they had a lecture on archaeology in the sixth grade and in kindergarten learned an Irish gig.

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