Community Counts

It has been over a week since Sandy’s wrath was thrust upon the East Coast and many are still reeling.  She was one nasty storm and much of Princeton was and still is without power.  Trees and power lines are down everywhere, but as always the Princeton Community has been absolutely amazing. Anyone who did have power (Princeton Library, Small World Coffee and many others) opened their doors to help.  Princeton Patch and Planet Princeton have been fantastic at disseminating important information. The power companies have been working 24/7 and trucks from all over the country have been spotted lending a helping hand.  We are so grateful to live in such a strong community and hope we can continue to help others. The devastation on the Jersey Shore is beyond words and there are many in Princeton trying to help. There is a grassroots campaign that has been started on facebook called Restore the Shore   for anyone looking for a way to help.  All the best and we hope you all stay safe and warm!  Sig & Syl

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