May, just like April, is another month where the data is going to look very wonky for obvious reasons. It’s no surprise when comparing May 2021 to May 2020 extraordinary increases are seen in nearly every metric other than Days on Market (DOM) where we see a significant decrease (-45%, 48 vs. 87) and Units Listed where the … More

January Princeton Residential Real Estate Review

    Happy February!!!  We are already over a month into 2016 and the Princeton residential real estate market is busy!  January Units Sold were up +26.7% and January Units Listed were up +23.1% compared to last year.  The Average Sale price was lower by -4.5%.  Why the decrease?  One of last year’s highest residential … More January Princeton Residential Real Estate Review

Princeton Pi Day

Mark your calendars, Princeton Pi Day (or weekend) is almost here! This fun family event celebrates Einstein’s birthday (3/14) which just so happens to be the numeric equivalent of Pi.  This annual tradition was founded by Mimi Omiecinski of the Princeton Tour Company and, like everything Mimi does, is loads of fun. Events begin on Thursday … More Princeton Pi Day