The Commute!

There are many reasons Princeton, NJ is such a fantastic place to live. One of which is that you can live in a beautiful, bustling college town and still easily work and commute to NYC, Philadelphia, and New Brunswick.   As real estate Sales Associates we are often asked what it would be like to commute … More The Commute!

Princeton Junction Train Station

We hope you have had a chance to preview our video on the Dinky, the small train which shuttles between Princeton and Princeton Junction. Here is a follow-up video where you can learn more about the Princeton Junction Train Station, one of the busiest stations on the North East Corridor Line. Enjoy the ride! Sig … More Princeton Junction Train Station

The Dinky

We thought we would introduce you to the famous Dinky. The Dinky is a small train that shuttles between Princeton Borough and the Princeton Junction train station. In fact, it is the shortest scheduled train ride in the country – a whole 2 1/2 minutes! Commuters living in Princeton Borough often live close enough to … More The Dinky