The Commute!

There are many reasons Princeton, NJ is such a fantastic place to live. One of which is that you can live in a beautiful, bustling college town and still easily work and commute to NYC, Philadelphia, and New Brunswick.   As real estate Sales Associates we are often asked what it would be like to commute and the specific logistics.  So in addition to our two videos on both Princeton Junction Train Station and the Dinky, we thought we would provide some more color on exactly how far Princeton is from other cities and airports as well as some useful links.  Enjoy!  Sig & Syl


Princeton to NY Penn Station ≈ 45 miles
Princeton to 30th Street Station, Philadelphia ≈ 39 miles
Princeton to New Brunswick train station  ≈ 15 miles
Princeton to Union Station, Washington, DC  ≈ 160 miles

Princeton to Newark Liberty International Airport ≈ 40 miles
Princeton to Philadelphia International Airport ≈ 54 miles
Princeton to John F Kennedy International Airport ≈ 80 miles
Princeton to LaGuardia Airport approximately ≈ 63 miles

*Mileage is calculated from our office, 34 Chambers Street, and the application used was Google Maps.

Transit Websites

NJ Transit
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority
Princeton FreeB – a free bus that loops around Princeton Borough and the Dinky during commuter hours