Coffee Anyone?

When thinking about moving to a new place there is one rather small,
but very important detail that we feel should not be overlooked. Where is the local coffee hangout? Not the chains, but the place that all of the
locals like to go to meet up with friends, have a chat and find out what’s happening in the community. In Princeton you only need to know three words, Small World Coffee!  Owners Jessica Durrie and Brant Cosaboom, opened this vibrant community-centric coffee store in 1993 and
haven’t looked back. It is truly the heart of the Princeton community.  Not only is the coffee amazing, roasted locally, but there is often live
music as well as fantastic artwork on display by local artists.  You may run into a neighbor, a student, or a world renowned professor.
Honestly, Syl and I wouldn’t know what to do without our daily dose of Small World.  Enjoy! Sig & Syl