Let’s Buy a House!


It looks as if the perfect storm which has been going on for many years now may finally be coming to an end. Home prices don’t appear to be rising anytime soon, but interest rates do.  Here are Sig &Syl’s  top 3 reasons why now is a good time to climb off that fence and buy a house! 

– Fed rates are set to go up later this year, combine that with inflation and mortgage rates are going to rise. The current affordability index is about as good as it gets!

 – Since so many people have been on the fence about buying the rental market has shot through the roof. Rents just keep getting higher and higher.

– 20% down could become mandatory. That is what will happen if the restrictions in the proposed Qualified Residential Mortgage (QRM) regulation are implemented.

Life on the fence can be tiresome. If you’re ready to  jump off we’d be  happy to help! Sigrid.Keough@HendersonSIR.com and Sylmarie.Trowbridge@hendersonSIR.com   

Cheers!    Sig&Syl