Price it Right!

If you are thinking of selling your home, this is a must read!

We have seen it time and time again.
” My home is a very special home”… “There’s nothing else like it”… “Someone would be lucky and I mean LUCKY to buy this house”.

We have to admit, it is hard not to feel this way; after all it is your home.  Selling a home is emotional on many levels, but as we are currently in a buyer’s market the most profitable strategy is to be as unemotional as humanly possible.  After living through the last few years in the real estate business we have learned that one of the most important things a seller can do to achieve maximum dollars is to PRICE IT RIGHT from the start!  Under current market conditions, statistics show that the number of days a properly priced home spends on the market is significantly less and the sale price is significantly higher, than a similar home that was initially priced too high.  To determine a competitive price for your home we use a 5 metric average that takes into consideration all the market trends and statistics.

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Cheers! Sig & Syl