Pi Day Princeton & Geek Freak Weekend

How about that for a headliner and how about that crazy hair! This truly unique Princeton event is not to be missed. It will be on March 14th as well as the weekend before from March 9th to the 11th. Einstein (one of Princeton’s many famous residents) was born on March 14, 1879. Just so happens that 3 14 is the numeric equivalent of Pi, hence the reason for the date of this celebration. This is the brain child of one of our favorites, the ever-so-fabulous founder of the Princeton Tour Company, Mimi O. There will be free trolley tours, pie-eating contests, an Einstein look-a-like contest (one of our favorites), pi recitation contest (you won’t see me in this one, but maybe Syl), Suzuki violin contest, mathlete contest, Dinky rides with Einstein and much much more. Princeton is an amazing town and it is special events like these that further highlight just how much this community has to offer. If you would like more information please go to www.pidayprinceton.com. Enjoy! Sig&Syl

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