Happy 2012

It has been an interesting 2011 and we are looking forward to a good 2012. The housing market is inching back and the Princeton area continues to hold steady. In Princeton the number of units sold was up +8.4% from 2010 and the average sale price increased slightly with +3.3%. Interest rates are at an all time low and rentals at an all time high.
Voters in Princeton Borough and Princeton Township set a precedent in N.J. by voting to consolidate the two towns into a single municipality. This is good news as it is expected to save as much as 3.2 million dollars a year by combining the two governments and services. We are hoping the rest of New Jersey will follow suit and help reduce the debt! It is smart decisions like this that keep Princeton on solid ground now and in the future. All signs point towards 2012 as a great year to buy!
Cheers! Sig&Syl

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