Farmers’ Markets Galore!

Fall in Princeton has to be one of our favorite seasons.  The beautiful colors and the clean, crisp air make it the perfect time to get out and discover the area’s fabulous farmers’ markets.  But where do you start?  Well, it just so happens that our friend and colleague, Kim Rizk, just published a fantastic guide book on farmers markets.  It is full of all the information you need:  Essentials like where to find local produce, meats, poultry, cheese, wine and what’s in season in Central New Jersey.  When we pressed her for her favorite markets, she hemmed and hawed, saying things like, “That’s so unfair!” and “My favorite thing of all is checking them all out!”  Lucky for us, it’s in her book!  Her top three choices are: The West Windsor Farmers Market (Saturday morning), Trenton Farmers Market (Tuesday – Sunday, weekends only during the winter), and Terhune Orchards.  She also really likes Gravity Hill Farm because it has some of the most beautiful and unusual produce around and Griggstown Farm Market for all of their great prepared food and free-range poultry.  For more information about her book “Farm Markets of Centra New Jersey” check out Kim’s blog at or email her at  Happy Shopping!  Sig & Syl